“Motivation is a Genuine Language”

At times we are afraid for several reasons to get something started. We either delay or we permanently erase it from our "control panels". We may think it is not the perfect time, we may say to ourselves, I need more time, I need to "become pretty", I need more followers on my facebook, I … Continue reading “Motivation is a Genuine Language”

Humbly Admitting to our Limitations!

As the curtains are drawn and darkness envelope your land, we come before you! We come before you Lord because our human frailty is showing! Our human weaknesses have been exposed. Lord, we fully accept that we have human limitations in this earthly suffering. We only have a teeny-weeny-beeny control and no more. This is … Continue reading Humbly Admitting to our Limitations!

The Illusion of Control-Awakening of Collectivism

Our current situation has allowed us to bring into reality that we are all the same. Your experiences are also my experiences. What you feel, I feel. You feel frantic, I feel frantic. I feel love, you feel love.You feel angry about irrational behaviours, I feel angry about irrational behaviours. You feel compassion, I feel … Continue reading The Illusion of Control-Awakening of Collectivism

The Healing and Inspirational Power of Children

And the students stayed in their humble abodesAnd did activities on gritty mindset, read substantial literature books, wrote character growth essays, reflected on characters' action in short stories, recorded audio notes on how a particular setting reflected the characters’ mood, thoughts, and behaviorSome students answered journal prompts on resilience, intercommunity, and interconnectednessSome drew caricatures of … Continue reading The Healing and Inspirational Power of Children

Emotional Survival Kit-Decluttering our Coronavirus Fears!

The talk of the coronavirus is on everybody's lips and now that it is in your territory, there is absolutely no need to fear because we have insight, love, and power. In the forecast of a torrential downpour, we know exactly what to do. We can decide to wait out the torrential downpour or we … Continue reading Emotional Survival Kit-Decluttering our Coronavirus Fears!

Coronavirus- Exercising Healthy Emotional Hygiene

Don't you just feel more than elated when you can describe your feelings using the vowel "e". Words such as ecstatic, electic,effervescent make you radiate from within and give off a positive energy that gives rise to a gleeful attitude. Not only do these words reverberate a positive energy, but this positive energy creates a … Continue reading Coronavirus- Exercising Healthy Emotional Hygiene

The Merits Behind Praying-Prayerfully Motivated!

Your journey might be long, but don't go believing that anything is wrong! Your adversarial outcomes are not your enemies.The moments that you think you are relentlessly suffering is the beginning of spiritual growth since prayer is an antidote for feaful behaviors and fretfulness. "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but … Continue reading The Merits Behind Praying-Prayerfully Motivated!