Coronavirus- Exercising Healthy Emotional Hygiene

Don’t you just feel more than elated when you can describe your feelings using the vowel “e”. Words such as ecstatic, electic,effervescent make you radiate from within and give off a positive energy that gives rise to a gleeful attitude. Not only do these words reverberate a positive energy, but this positive energy creates a ballooning effect in our environment. Living and working in China, I can safely say their remarkable spirit of dominance is unmatched. This is due to the herculean vitality that they possess as they recover from the virus outbreak.

China energetically jumps back into full swing of action after the doom of the coronavirus

People own their emotions and are able to take responsibility for how they act in light of these emotions. Emotions do not own people. Like a hot mug of organic chocolate, the chocolate lover ALLOWS the aroma to escape inside the unwitting parts of the mind. It oozes into the mouth, cascades over the lungs, penetrates the liver, the imagination and body, drenching everything in the living room and in its wake. Similarly to the chocolate lover, we are able to control our emotions to react to the good, the bad and the ugly events that happen to us daily.

In light of the coronavirus, we need to take full control of our emotions rather than be fear driven and panic stricken. Showing our millennials how to lend their lionizing voice to resilence is of great significance.This lionizing voice is the application of the brute force that they started out with when they started a business venture, a new book or new project yesteryear. Fear awashed over their bodies suffocating every bodily cells because of their paralyzed and crippling thoughts. All of which is nothing, but irrational fear.Irrational fear in and of itself is worst than only thinking about oneself. It robs, it stabs, it murders. Why does something so lifeless given so much monstrous opportunities to survive in our lives. Simply because we energize it.

Irrational fear even gets worst when we project it on others. Is the soul supposed to be irrational? Is the soul supposed to be uncompassionate? Is the soul supposed to be considerate of only what is taking place in our current lives, but be ignorant about others feelings? The ego is at work here. It operates with fear not the soul. We are all people with emotions and blood running throughout our veins. Think about your expression, body language and behavior before violently and nonsensically stepping on someone’s “big toe” due to unreasonable fear. How can we do this?

  1. Firstly, try to take a walk in someone else’s shoes! Ask yourself if it would be okay to be in an unfortunate situation and be negatively and irrationally talked about! Joel Osteen remarked in one of his ceremonies, “if we cannot be positive, the least we can do is be quiet” #silenceisavirtue
  2. In many cases, people who we open our mouths to criticize have chiildren in their presence. If you have children, or unborn kids, think about how they would feel before uttering unkind remarks. Children do have an impressionable mind. In fact, they are like little sponges whose self-esteem, mental health, social relationships and their very behaviors can be negatively impacted. Damaged children eventually become damaged adults who then disastrously lead. Let us demonstrate what we want them to become through our deeds. #negativebrainchemicals
  3. While some individuals are strong, others rely on positive affirmations and energetic verbal and body languages from others to #staypositive. If individuals are unknowingly weak and we add fire to whatever injury they are undergoing, can you imagine the emotional pain that might result in permanent emotional hemorrhage. Psychologist has shown that this can lead to unhealthy emotions which can result in maladaptive behaviors. People don’t have to show their weaknesses for us to be kind to them. #bekindtopeople

Emotional hygiene is equally important for everyone since it is a gut-wrenching feeling to try to rise from the dust by the little positives that surround you, but then someone emotionally tears you down and you find yourself wallowing in the dust all over again.

Let us exercise emotional hygiene by using our emotional intelligence by being kind, compassionate and soulful. Don’t forget to raise awareness of the importance of being mindful by eradicating irrational fears and becoming a better emotional manager.

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Published by SWWYH-Elizabeth Lewis

"Start with what you have" (SWWYH) created by Elizabeth Lewis who has been serving in the field of education for the past 12 years. She has served in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for 8 years and has also rendered her service in The Republic of China 🇨🇳 in the last four years. As an international educator, she believes in authentically serving her populace, so that they continue to desire more. Through this desire of wanting more, lies her students who are quickly becoming apart of the global village while in the process of undergoing cognitive transformations. Elizabeth is spiritually grounded and she is a firm believer in postivity. She motivates and uplifts her friends, family, students, and just about anyone that crosses her path. She loves to read, travel, explore and enjoys a good laugh. She also believes in loving and taking care of the physical body that houses the soul.

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