Let us Bring it to God in Prayer!

Lord you are the pioneer and perfector of our faith, so we run to you! Increase our faith to the size of a mustard seed to help us believe in our minds, actions and bodies that you can terminate this virus. Help us to live in the knowledge that you are the universal healer. You are our Highest Priest and you have unlimited supply of grace and mercy. There is no sickness, disease or virus that you are unable heal. Help us not to live by mere sight. We have a lot that is happening around us but help us not to dwell on what we are experiencing, but to rest assured that through our faith, the 🌏 is virus free.By Your wounds, we have been made whole, by Your wounds, we are safe and secure, by Your wounds, we have been heal. Thank you for advance global restoration.

While you are healing we ask you for peace. You will never leave us nor forsake us. In all things, You work for the good of us all. You have given us abundant peace, allow us to access it through Your rock which cannot be shaken. You said peace I have given to you, not secular peace so we should not let our hearts be troubled neither should we be afraid. You have given us a peace that is infinite. Please show us how to abide within it.

Allow any dissonance, discomfort, unease, dis-ease to fade away from our minds, bodies, and spirits. Allow our emotions to become one and the same with Yours. Allow our minds and spirits to be a secondary subject to Your authority. Reset and regenerate our control panels to default mode, so that we can receive fresh healing and strength.

Take away the scars and blames that we are throwing at each other and help us to interconnect as nations to fight this dark force.

Published by SWWYH-Elizabeth Lewis

"Start with what you have" (SWWYH) created by Elizabeth Lewis who has been serving in the field of education for the past 12 years. She has served in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for 8 years and has also rendered her service in The Republic of China 🇨🇳 in the last four years. As an international educator, she believes in authentically serving her populace, so that they continue to desire more. Through this desire of wanting more, lies her students who are quickly becoming apart of the global village while in the process of undergoing cognitive transformations. Elizabeth is spiritually grounded and she is a firm believer in postivity. She motivates and uplifts her friends, family, students, and just about anyone that crosses her path. She loves to read, travel, explore and enjoys a good laugh. She also believes in loving and taking care of the physical body that houses the soul.

2 thoughts on “Let us Bring it to God in Prayer!

  1. Thanks for the reassurance that whatever we desire of the Lors he is willing and able to grant it unto us…We are reminded in this article that we all need to come together as one, and pray for healing of the land against our adversaries the devil…


    1. Thanks Nads for visiting my page. I could not agree with you more since God declared in the book of Matthew chapter 20 that where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there. (not the exact quote) but I remembered this from Sunday school. Hugs and Kisses.


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