The Illusion of Control-Awakening of Collectivism

Our current situation has allowed us to bring into reality that we are all the same. Your experiences are also my experiences. What you feel, I feel. You feel frantic, I feel frantic. I feel love, you feel love.You feel angry about irrational behaviours, I feel angry about irrational behaviours. You feel compassion, I feel compassion.You feel to motivate and inspire others, I feel to motivate and inspire others. This suddenly brings to our attention that we are using the language of collectivism because there is so much we can control and no more. Our artificial boundaries drives home to us that we are ONE, and that the physical space between you and I does not truly exist due to our common experiences, and the ability to understand and share in the same feelings.

Even though we might have common experiences and feelings, another commonality is we have no control over the large expanse that we temporarily occupy. We have the free will and the power to make decisions! We do it everyday, but we do not have any control of the outcome? “If God is willing” is a common expression that I heard individuals verbalize while growing up, but at that time I did not grasped the full meaning. While growing up, I realized that no one is sure of what tomorrow might bring. We can wish and hope that whatever arrangements we have for tomorrow will come to fruition, but we absolutely have no control no matter how we pull on life’s reins.

The lack of Sovereign control gives us the capacity to humanly have control over our emotions and positively influence those around us. Controlling how we inwardly respond as well as how we respond to others speak volume! Volunteering your service in giving your acts of goodwill to virtually support an individual or two or joining the thousands of volunteer in New York to deliver groceries and medicine to our vulnerable people of wisdom are ways in which positive control have been taking place. In Canada, “caremongering” a newly coined phrase attached to a group on the social media platform has sparked kindness and love among people during this period of fear. The pandemic has the ability to pull us together by giving us control and providing us with a broader insight. Instagrammers have also control their social media pages by creating online exercising classes which target the elderly, providing them with less rigorous movements that will get their adrenaline system moving in order to maintain their health.These acts of good-will have shown that the conscience of humanity is robustly active as we positively move to control and manage what we possibly can!

Because we have come to the frightening realization that we can only control this much and no more, the feeling of loneliness and powerlessness should no longer breathe down our backs. Once we let go, totally discard of the control that we powerlessly hold on to, a luxuriantly spiritual air will flow right throughout our lungs. It will then dawn on us that you were not custom-built to live in fear, but to be in full control while holding fear by the neck and by doing so we can be able to drive fear out of others.We do not have Sovereign power over our lives, but we are spiritually wired to know the difference between right from wrong. We know how to encourage, support, engage, inspire, and motivate. We know how to collectively exist on Earth.Da Vinci only painted one Mona Lisa. Beethoven only composed one Fifth Symphony. Our God only custom-designed you for a one-of-a-kind assignment related to acts of kindness! Now strangle your need to have control of what you cannot and show that love liberates!

Published by SWWYH-Elizabeth Lewis

"Start with what you have" (SWWYH) created by Elizabeth Lewis who has been serving in the field of education for the past 12 years. She has served in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for 8 years and has also rendered her service in The Republic of China 🇨🇳 in the last four years. As an international educator, she believes in authentically serving her populace, so that they continue to desire more. Through this desire of wanting more, lies her students who are quickly becoming apart of the global village while in the process of undergoing cognitive transformations. Elizabeth is spiritually grounded and she is a firm believer in postivity. She motivates and uplifts her friends, family, students, and just about anyone that crosses her path. She loves to read, travel, explore and enjoys a good laugh. She also believes in loving and taking care of the physical body that houses the soul.

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