The Birth Canal of Transformation-Celebrate your Expansion

We continue to lift all the essential and non-essential workers way up in a radiance that is positively thought-provoking, visually stimulating and that is where we want to keep them. Thank you very much for submitting to your call of duty! Let us not forget the little people around us who have decided to act in this special and distinctive time! To all the “undegreed”, “unmastered”, “undoctored”, “uncertified” family and friends who suddenly and dramatically underwent a new surge of transformation to offer counseling sessions, to empathize, to show respect, to push us to persevere, to offer their truths and clarity, and to help us construct an explosive psychological power accompanied with agility. So many it has been, in fact it is drowning out all the fears that our news headlines throw at us. Thanks for being transformers and holding on to your humanity.

Of course we don’t all have the appearance of a 21st century model or beauty queen. You may not have a medical degree or a degree in Social Work. You may not have relevant certifications or trained in Psychology or Psychiatry, but you are truly aware of the value of human connectivity without any form of qualifications. Your world-class compassionate virtual displays and demonstrations of instructions achieved from your Ivy League University of Generosity and the University of Grace tremendously remind us that our planet Earth is a remarkable place of existence. Your transformative services without any qualifications is just as important right now during this distinctive time!

You are lion-hearted, and possess the courage of your convictions since transformation in and of itself require unmatched strength and courage. Your idea of transformation takes on the appearance of a child gleefully running all over the park who wants to drag everyone in the atmosphere of the newly fun package and delightful experience. Once you have undergone transformation and is being transformed you want to transform others and so you say expressions such as “Come on!” “That’s it!” “You’re doing great!” “That’s the way!” “Awesome!” “You’re so tough” “Yes and Yasssssssss”. As parents, educators, and humanitarians, we push and propel others to maintain mental prowess, so the virtual “Gratitude Projects”, “The Hang in There Sack Bags”, “The Humanitarians Simulation Games”, and the uncountable positive challenges reveal our remarkable survival tactics to keep each other in survival mode.

As each one encourages and supports the other, you are going to come to the sudden realization that the same push and precipitation are not found in robots. Robots were not created to transform and grow. You were! It means the hard challenges of life, almost the deep seated dissatisfaction of not being able to buy food or pay your mortgage might want to strangle you to death, but remember robots cannot fight unless programmed to do so. You have the intangible courage and will to fight using your very own Herculean characteristics. It is when we muster up, rally, and assemble the gut-lining to erectly stand through rigid landscapes, to stretch without flinching that we realize we are being transformed. You did not sign a pandemic contract to resist transformation and remain entirely the same. Give yourself permission to walk through your transformative birth canal. Start celebrating among the stars highest star, unwaveringly pregnant with hope that you can overcome the unseen challenges ahead. The empowering duty of dragging someone up from the dregs of the despair and challenge will strengthen us all. Let’s continue to commend and support all the excellent craftsmanships, which show we all are the 2020 forces to be reckoned with. We might not have a crystal ball, but guess what, we do have collective perseverance.

Published by SWWYH-Elizabeth Lewis

"Start with what you have" (SWWYH) created by Elizabeth Lewis who has been serving in the field of education for the past 12 years. She has served in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for 8 years and has also rendered her service in The Republic of China 🇨🇳 in the last four years. As an international educator, she believes in authentically serving her populace, so that they continue to desire more. Through this desire of wanting more, lies her students who are quickly becoming apart of the global village while in the process of undergoing cognitive transformations. Elizabeth is spiritually grounded and she is a firm believer in postivity. She motivates and uplifts her friends, family, students, and just about anyone that crosses her path. She loves to read, travel, explore and enjoys a good laugh. She also believes in loving and taking care of the physical body that houses the soul.

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