We Yearn for Peace to Share

The year 2020 has thrown so much at us. We either have to sit and take all the punches or we stand firm ready to fight with the grit and resilience that we all have, stacked away within all of us.

We were all born with a sense of purpose to transform the lives of others around us due to the fact that we want to leave the world a better place than how we found it. I am absolutely grateful for my environment and the opportunity to powerfully create a support system to allow people to be inspired and motivated. However, in order to transform and guide others, we have to first take care of our inner environment. We cannot ignore self if we decide to offer leadership inspired wellness whether as an educator or otherwise. I hold on strongly to the fact that if we lead with intention together we can help others achieve greater spiritual, emotional, mental acuity and more physical energy.

This week like any other week, I asked myself what are my intentions in spite of the reality that so many of us were blindsided by COVID-19 pandemic and then came the weaponizing effect of the division and chaos that is forever etched in history. People are hurting, swelling and welling with pain and frustrations. Others are pretty fearful that they might lose their power and the struggle continues to repeat itself.

Today I want to share and build, not to fight since the fight wanes the spiritual and emotional energy. I am willing to utilize all the modalities that I have acquired so far to motivate and inspire special populations and people in general to acquire physical awakening. I want us to wake up those muscles, ligament and tendons and allow the various body motions to become our medicine.

Education and knowledge is awesome, but they won’t help us to solve problems and assist others if we decide not to use them. In other words, we are aware of the many benefits of exercise, but if we don’t push ourselves to leap out of our comfort zones, we are going to remain prisoners. For this week, the focus will be on the special populations. Our focus today will be on the basic body motions for diabetics. Please ensure that you have a medical clearance from your doctor before showing up. Do not forget to have your fast-acting carbohydrate (raisins, orange juice, life-saver candies) in case of a any hypoglycemic emergency. Additionally, check your blood sugar before, during, and after exercise to determine how it impacts your blood sugar level. Sensibly participating in these exercises will lower your blood sugar level, strengthen your heart, improve circulation and reduce stress. Remember consistency is of utmost importance here. Other exercises include walking, swimming, cycling, aerobic dance, strength training (low to moderate)etc.
1⃣ Bent Elbow Swings (Lateral) ×12
2⃣ Side to Side Taps with Claps ×12
3⃣ Stand-up and Sit-down Squats×12
4⃣ Side to Side Walk Squats ×12
Rest period 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times to achieve at least your 10 minute- segments
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends 30 mins of low to moderate activity for five days of the  week. For moderate intensity, you are working hard to the the point where you can talk, but not to shout and sing, while low intensity involves a steady state where you can constantly nudge your partner through communication to keep going and you can even go as far as to incorporate a motivational song or his favourite song. Please don’t become daunted by the duration, you can break up this 30 mins into 10 minute-segments. Please try not to go more than two days in a row without exercising.

Please hop on to my instagram page to see what my intentions are for this week as we focus on the special population and the body motions that will be incorporated as a form of medicine.

Published by SWWYH-Elizabeth Lewis

"Start with what you have" (SWWYH) created by Elizabeth Lewis who has been serving in the field of education for the past 12 years. She has served in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for 8 years and has also rendered her service in The Republic of China 🇨🇳 in the last four years. As an international educator, she believes in authentically serving her populace, so that they continue to desire more. Through this desire of wanting more, lies her students who are quickly becoming apart of the global village while in the process of undergoing cognitive transformations. Elizabeth is spiritually grounded and she is a firm believer in postivity. She motivates and uplifts her friends, family, students, and just about anyone that crosses her path. She loves to read, travel, explore and enjoys a good laugh. She also believes in loving and taking care of the physical body that houses the soul.

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