Even Better Truths

I believe truth is the cure for all illusions of control. Truth is like your creator’s whisper that is difficult to elude. It will tap into your soul repeatedly.We were all born with that inherent magnitude to feel it, so do not dare to ignore it. I have come to realize that it is aContinue reading “Even Better Truths”

We Yearn for Peace to Share

The year 2020 has thrown so much at us. We either have to sit and take all the punches or we stand firm ready to fight with the grit and resilience that we all have, stacked away within all of us. We were all born with a sense of purpose to transform the lives ofContinue reading “We Yearn for Peace to Share”

Be the Conscientious Consumer of Information!

Above you will find one of my favorite photographs taken somewhere Jamaica. It opens doors to all kinds of stories. In the most literal sense, I smiled through the pain of wearing those glass-heeled spikes. This now begs the question, are you mindful of the auditory and visual perceptions that hit your brain waves? InContinue reading “Be the Conscientious Consumer of Information!”

The Birth Canal of Transformation-Celebrate your Expansion

We continue to lift all the essential and non-essential workers way up in a radiance that is positively thought-provoking, visually stimulating and that is where we want to keep them. Thank you very much for submitting to your call of duty! Let us not forget the little people around us who have decided to actContinue reading “The Birth Canal of Transformation-Celebrate your Expansion”

Choosing to go Through it!

From usual to unusual When you were uniquely created and branded by God, you were not created robotically. Your were not built devoid of thoughts, opinions, feelings, or emotions. In essence, it is impossible for you to go through this period without any form of emotional warfare! In spite of the long roller coaster ridesContinue reading “Choosing to go Through it!”

Humbly Admitting to our Limitations!

As the curtains are drawn and darkness envelope your land, we come before you! We come before you Lord because our human frailty is showing! Our human weaknesses have been exposed. Lord, we fully accept that we have human limitations in this earthly suffering. We only have a teeny-weeny-beeny control and no more. This isContinue reading “Humbly Admitting to our Limitations!”

The Illusion of Control-Awakening of Collectivism

Our current situation has allowed us to bring into reality that we are all the same. Your experiences are also my experiences. What you feel, I feel. You feel frantic, I feel frantic. I feel love, you feel love.You feel angry about irrational behaviours, I feel angry about irrational behaviours. You feel compassion, I feelContinue reading “The Illusion of Control-Awakening of Collectivism”

The Healing and Inspirational Power of Children

And the students stayed in their humble abodes, And did activities on gritty mindset, read substantial literature books, wrote character growth essays, reflected on characters’ action in short stories, recorded audio notes on how a particular setting reflected the characters’ mood, thoughts, and behaviorSome students answered journal prompts on resilience, intercommunity, and interconnectednessSome drew caricaturesContinue reading “The Healing and Inspirational Power of Children”

Emotional Survival Kit-Decluttering our Coronavirus Fears!

The talk of the coronavirus is on everybody’s lips and now that it is in your territory, there is absolutely no need to fear because we have insight, love, and power. In the forecast of a torrential downpour, we know exactly what to do. We can decide to wait out the torrential downpour or weContinue reading “Emotional Survival Kit-Decluttering our Coronavirus Fears!”