Even Better Truths

I believe truth is the cure for all illusions of control. Truth is like your creator’s whisper that is difficult to elude. It will tap into your soul repeatedly.We were all born with that inherent magnitude to feel it, so do not dare to ignore it. I have come to realize that it is aContinue reading “Even Better Truths”

We Yearn for Peace to Share

The year 2020 has thrown so much at us. We either have to sit and take all the punches or we stand firm ready to fight with the grit and resilience that we all have, stacked away within all of us. We were all born with a sense of purpose to transform the lives ofContinue reading “We Yearn for Peace to Share”

Choosing to go Through it!

From usual to unusual When you were uniquely created and branded by God, you were not created robotically. Your were not built devoid of thoughts, opinions, feelings, or emotions. In essence, it is impossible for you to go through this period without any form of emotional warfare! In spite of the long roller coaster ridesContinue reading “Choosing to go Through it!”