Humbly Admitting to our Limitations!

As the curtains are drawn and darkness envelope your land, we come before you! We come before you Lord because our human frailty is showing! Our human weaknesses have been exposed. Lord, we fully accept that we have human limitations in this earthly suffering. We only have a teeny-weeny-beeny control and no more. This isContinue reading “Humbly Admitting to our Limitations!”

Let us Bring it to God in Prayer!

Lord you are the pioneer and perfector of our faith, so we run to you! Increase our faith to the size of a mustard seed to help us believe in our minds, actions and bodies that you can terminate this virus. Help us to live in the knowledge that you are the universal healer. YouContinue reading “Let us Bring it to God in Prayer!”

The Motivated Activated Life!

Give some affection to your journey! It does not matter what journey you are on, do not allow life to frighthen you. There are days we might feel trapped by our mental dialogues. We try to seek answers from high and low places, but often time it is difficult to get a response. This isContinue reading “The Motivated Activated Life!”